Our company was founded in 2000, having as a main activity field the production of cosmetics and parapharmaceutical products.

Our mission

We have considered that the only way to create effective cosmetic products is by using natural ingredients – plants and plant extracts. It is known that around the world the use of complicated chemical products has slowly started to decrease, chemical products that have been tested for years in laboratories, tests that were very expensive, and people have started to search for alternatives which the nature had always offered us. Our mission could be summed up by one statement: Offering natural products, at the highest quality standards and at low prices. 



Our products

We have previously said that our products are made out of plants and plant extracts. This is the truth and it’s no use explaining why the natural alternative is the most effective. We can briefly mention why we have turned to native plants in the composition of our products. You are probably wondering why an extract from the common Marigold is more effective than one obtained from well-known exotic plants? The explanation, scientifically proven is as well simple as it is logical: the therapeutical plants can have maximum healing power if they come from the same habitat as the people using them. The enviromental factors infuence the animals as well as the plants in that area.

All these concepts have gathered into a relatively new branch of the science, which is etnopharmacology.

That is why besides the exotic species used all around the world in the production of cosmetics and parapharmaceuticals, we mainly use the native plants, which have started being more and more recognised and apreciated lately. All these statements are sustained by the products that we offer. These, by their quality and price, have made our company more known on the cosmetics market all around the country.